Beatoken is a social music platform that connects artists, fans, and music enthusiasts in a new and innovative way. Utilizing blockchain technology, Beatoken offers a secure and transparent environment for users to engage with each other and the music industry.

The platform provides artists with a direct connection to their fans, allowing them to interact and reward their most dedicated supporters. Fans will also be able to connect with each other and engage with their favorite artists in a more meaningful way.

In addition to its community features, Beatoken also offers a marketplace for users to trade and sell shares, access a variety of experiences and opportunities, and utilize their rewards. With its focus on innovation and community, Beatoken is changing the way that people experience and engage with music.

Beatoken Team

Composed of individuals with a deep-seated passion for music, our team is fueled to harness cutting-edge technology and bring to life an unparalleled entertainment experience for all music lovers.

With a wealth of experience in business management, IT development, and extensive knowledge of the music industry, our team consists of experts who have honed their skills over a decade. Coupled with their creative flair, they are the driving force behind Beatoken.

Our purpose is to cultivate a rich and inclusive atmosphere that honors cultural diversity and brings people together through the unifying influence of music and entertainment.

Senior management

Yaw Gyamfi

Katarina Grahn
Head of Operations

Patrick Kjaersgaard

Andreas Lind

Nick Asferg
Creative Director

Oliver Kesi
Head of Music Dev.

Advisory board

Christian Grahn
Keel Solution

Martin Navne

Jack Warrilow