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How it works


Collectibles is a unique digital ownership that is bought, sold, and traded among collectors. They can include music-related items such as exclusive merchandise or tracks. The use of blockchain technology ensures the authenticity and uniqueness of these collectibles.

Royalty Shares

Royalty Shares allow fans to invest in their favorite artists and earn a share of their revenue from streams. This gives fans a way to support their favorite artists and potentially earn a return on their investment.

Listen 2 Earn

Listen 2 Earn is a feature that rewards fans for streaming their favorite music. As they listen, fans earn rewards in the form of Beatokens, which they can then use to purchase collectibles or trade for other rewards on the platform.


Connecting artists, music fans and other stakeholders in a unique and innovative way. By utilizing blockchain technology, Beatoken offers a secure and transparent platform that provides a community for music lovers where artists and fans can interact. By giving artists insights and a direct connection to their most dedicated fans, Beatoken provides a way for artists to give back and reward their loyal supporters. Artists are now able to thank their fans, offer special experiences, tease with new projects or tell a story that can define their work.

In addition, fans can also connect with each other and share their love for music within the community, as well as support their favorite artists' projects.

Overall, Beatoken is a platform that offers a new and innovative way for artists and fans to connect, engage and build a community around music.

Our vision

At Beatoken, we strive to bring artists, fans, and brands together in a dynamic and personalized community. Our goal is to foster a sense of connection between fans and their beloved artists, making them feel like they are part of a larger, interconnected community. Our platform empowers artists, labels, and brands to share their stories, build relationships, and engage with fans in meaningful ways. With Beatoken, we aim to create a space where the music community can thrive and grow.


Connecting and empowering people through the power of music and entertainment.


Community: Building a strong, supportive and inclusive community of music lovers and artists.

Empowerment: Providing artists with the tools and platform to connect with their fans and share their work.


On a mission to change the way people experience and engage with music by delivering next-generation entertainment and quality experiences for everyone who loves and interacts with music.